10 Websites to Teach You New Skills Today

by Johnny Webber

1. drawspace.com – Learn drawing basics.

2. bettermoneyhabits.com – Manage your money better by learning personal finance.

3. gobodylanguage.com – Learn body language with written lessons and real-life video demonstrations.

4. improveyoursocialskills.com – A comprehensive guide to social skills.

5. pokerology.com – Learn the skills and strategy to poker.

6. howtobrew.com – Learn how to make your own homemade beer.

7. ctrlpaint.com – Teach yourself digital painting for free.

8. exposureguide.com – Photography news, tips, and tutorials.

9. allaboutcircuits.com – An online textbook covering electricity and electronics.

10. patrickjmt.com – Free and useful math videos.

10 Websites to Teach You New Skills Today