10 Websites to Keep You Amused and Entertained

by Johnny Webber

1. clientsfromhell.net – The customer is not always right. In fact, they are often very wrong.

2. wordsforthat.com – Make up words for common situations (aka reverse Urban Dictionary).

3. garfieldminusgarfield.net – What Garfield comics would be like if Garfield did not exist.

4. clickhole.com – The Onion’s Buzzfeed-like parody site.

5. wtf-secrets.com – Redditor secrets illustrated.

6. findtheinvisiblecow.com – The closer your pointer gets, the louder the cow gets.

7. tldrwikipedia.tumblr.com – Witty summaries of Wikipedia articles.

8. insultme.co – An insult generator.

9. unnecessaryquotes.com – The name pretty much explains it.

10. youhadonejob.org – Job related fails even a kid could get right.

10 Websites to Keep You Amused and Entertained