10 Websites and Products for April Fools’ Day Fun

by Johnny Webber

1. shadyurl.com – Make any link look suspicious and frightening.

2. shrturl.co – Edit any page to say whatever you want.

3. myprogressbar.com – Set the website to full screen to make co-workers think their computer is installing updates indefinitely.

4. shareonfb.com – Create fake Facebook stories to prank your friends.

5. pugaday.co – Send a friend pug pictures for 100 days straight.

6. sendyourenemiesglitter.com – Ship glitter to your enemies.

7. hackertyper.com – Again go full screen and act like you are typing hacker code.

8. Annoyatron – Place it under a co-worker’s desk and watch them go crazy trying to find the source of the Annoyatron’s strange noises.

9. Fake Roaches – Give your not-so-bug-loving friends and quick heart attack.

10. Phantom Keystroker – Plug it in a friend’s computer and watch as their keyboard and mouse gains minds of their own.

10 Websites and Products for April Fools’ Day Fun