10 Useful Websites For Students

by Johnny Webber

1. getcoldturkey.com – Block out distractions on your computer.

2. instaedu.com – Find a tutor, or take up tutoring to make a little side cash.

3. hemingwayapp.com – Make your writing bold and clear.

4. gridzzly.com – Print your own graph paper.

5. memrise.com – Learn languages and vocab with spaced repetition. 

6. cheatography.com – Create and share cheat sheets.

7. engineeringtoolbox.com – Resources, tools, and basic information for engineering students.

8. studentrate.com – Find student discounts for everything.

9. openstudy.com – Form study groups with people around the world.

10. ratemyprofessors.com – Grade your professors, and find out who is worth taking.

10 Useful Websites For Students