10 Tips to Help You Maintain a Clean Home

by Johnny Webber

1. Put things back immediately after you are done with them. Do it before you forget you took it out.

2. Don’t leave your mail on the counter. It stacks up quickly. Get a mail sorter.

3. Never leave dishes in the sink. It makes things look way dirtier than they are.

4. Clean dishes as you cook. After dinner you will be too stuffed to clean.

5. Keep kitchen appliances stowed away. Appliances on counter tops make for a cluttered kitchen.

6. Always clean from top to bottom. Start by dusting the ceiling fans, and finish with vacuuming the floors.

7. Vacuum the carpets regularly. Do it before you forget you once had white carpets.

8. Keep a waste basket by the bed. It prevents bedside tissue build up.

9. Get rid of things you haven’t used in a year’s time. It’s a surefire way to remove clutter.

10. If all else fails, get a cleaner. They aren’t too expensive, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning anymore.

10 Tips to Help You Maintain a Clean Home