10 Tests to Teach You More About Yourself

by Johnny Webber

1. Vocabulary – How much of the English language do you know and how does that compare with native speakers?

2. Spelling – Correct the misspelled words in the given sentences.

3. Personality –  Find out how extroverted, conscientious, and agreeable you are. Or take the Jung Test to find out your personality type.

4. Dialect – Find out if the way you speak is an indication of where you are from.

5. Reading Speed – Find out how much faster (or slower) you read than others.

6. Morals – 23 philosophy experiments to test your morals.

7. Hearing – Your hearing might be slipping, and you might not even know it.

8. Tone Deaf – Take the test, and find out how good you are at hearing pitch.

9. Color Acuity – Find out how well you can tell the differences between colors. Here is another quiz to test your color matching abilities. Here is one to test for color blindness.

10. Memory – Test your memory by matching twelve word pairs.

10 Tests to Teach You More About Yourself