10 Subscriptions Worth the Money

by Johnny Webber

1. Spotify Premium – Download and listen to ad-free music anywhere.

2. Audible – Get access to thousands of audiobooks.

3. Netflix – Stream TV and movies, including several exclusive shows.

4. Blinkist – Quickly read the summaries of top self improvement and how-to books.

5. Amazon Prime – Free two day shipping for Amazon products as well as access to their streaming service.

6. Birch Box – Get a personalized assortment of grooming and style upgrades every month.

7. Loot Crate – Monthly subscription boxes for gamers, geeks, and nerds.

8. YouTube Red – Watch ad-free YouTube videos and exclusive content from your favorite creators.

9. Renter’s Insurance – Get covered in case of an emergency.

10. Gym Membership – Get fit and feel good.

This list was first posted on favoriteandforget.com.

10 Subscriptions Worth the Money