10 Skills You Can Easily Learn Through the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. Sewing – Learning to repair your own clothes will save you a good chunk of change in the future.

2. Cooking – You eat three meals per day; make sure they are all delicious.

3. Coding – Create your own fun side project, or turn it into a side business.

4. Car Maintenance – Another hobby that can save you a ton of money. Also, buy a Haynes Manual for your specific vehicle.

5. Computer Building – It’s not as difficult as it might sound. Just thing of it as a more sophisticated LEGO set.

6. Homebrewing – Brew your own delicious beer.

7. Photoshop – Manipulate those pixels.

8. Woodworking – Nothing is more manly than building your own furniture.

9. Lock Picking – This is the one skill on this list that is not really practical, but it’s still pretty cool.

10. Investing – Make your money work for you. Read The Intelligent Investor if this is not enough.

10 Skills You Can Easily Learn Through the Internet