10 Odd Skills You Can Learn Online

by Johnny Webber

1. How to Juggle – Learn to juggle with two and three balls. When you have mastered that, move on to more tricks.

2. How to Hula Hoop – You don’t have to be wearing a flower crown at a music festival to be good at hula hoop.

3. How to Pick a Lock (PDF) – Learn to pick a lock, and you are well on your way to becoming an international spy. Just make sure you only practice on your own locks.

4. How to Yodel – Learn yodeling of the alpine variety.

5. How to Tie a Tie – Learn how to tie a Windsor knot, Pratt knot, bow tie knot, and more.

6. How to Tie Shoelaces – Learn 41 different ways to lace and tie shoes.

7. How to Rock Climb – Learn the basics of rock climbing. If this is not enough, check out this article series.

8. Meditation – Calm your mind.

9. Improv – The largest collection of resources for improv theater on the web.

10. Origami – Learn how to make dinosaurs, jewelry, Halloween decorations, and even your favorite Star Wars characters.

10 Odd Skills You Can Learn Online