10 More Helpful Websites

by Johnny Webber

1. routerpasswords.com – Find default router passwords for any manufacturer.

2. html5zero.com – The best free responsive templates and themes.

3. eyein.com – A visual search engine introducing an innovative way to search and discover user generated visual media related to global events and current trends.

4. frizbee.co – A Reddit alternative that neither censors nor tracks.

5. patentmonk.com – A patent search engine.

6. insomanywords.net – Books of educational and informational comics.

7. email-checker.net – A simple tool to check whether an email address exists or not.

8. foodplusfood.com – Food combination inspiration.

9. read-able.com – Make a webpage more readable.

10. whohunt.io – The easy way to find and  follow relevant startups.

10 More Helpful Websites