10 Kitchen Tools to Help You Impress Any Foodie

by Johnny Webber

1. Slow Cooker – Throw some ingredients in before work, and come home to a fully prepared meal. 

2. Ice Cream Maker – Make some delicious summer goodness starting with mint chocolate chip. 

3. Dehydrator – The ultimate snack machine. Make dry fruit or jerky in just hours.

4. George Foreman Grill – It seems like a silly cash grab by a former boxer, but the Foreman Grill is actually a pretty useful and versatile tool. Use it for grilling meats or making paninis. 

5. Rice Cooker – Never eat soggy or hard rice ever again.

6. Pasta Maker – Make any kind of pasta your heart desires, and get healthier results by using quality ingredients. 

7. Breadmaker – Home baked bread is fluffier and better than any of that store bought crap.

8. Smoker – Learn how to make mouth watering tri-tip, ribs, chicken, and more.

9. Cast Iron Skillet – Use it on the stove top or throw it in the oven. It can do it all.

10. Deep Fryer – Fry-up some chicken, fish, or fries for some heart-stopping deliciousness.

10 Kitchen Tools to Help You Impress Any Foodie