10 Free and Useful Online Tools

by Johnny Webber

1.  mymoviesp.in – Find movies you want to watch.

2. tingting.ru – Search for downloadable music.

3. signature-maker.net – A free email signature creation tool.

4. toky.co – A voice calling service that works through web links.

5. wordcounttools.com – A simple word counting tool.

6. colorhunt.co – A curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily.

7. maps.stamen.com – Create watercolor maps of your favorite places.

8. laverna.cc – A free note taking application.

9. visuwords.com – A visual dictionary, visual thesaurus, and interactive lexicon.

10. thetruesize.com – Find the actual size of a country or state.

10 Free and Useful Online Tools