10 Books to Teach You a Little About a Lot

by Johnny Webber

1. The Intellectual Devotional – 365 short lessons, meant to invigorate the reader every day of the year.

2. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson – Author Bill Bryson attempts to understand, and answer, the oldest and biggest questions about the Universe.

3. The Know-It-All by AJ Jacobs – Follow Esquire editor AJ Jacobs as he recounts his attempts to read an entire 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica. 

4. An Underground Education by Richard Zacks – Author Richard Zacks shares fascinating facts, stories, photos, and images guaranteed to make you laugh, gasp, and occasionally shudder.

5. The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay – A book that explains how all this technology in the world works in a way even a child would understand. 

6. An Incomplete Education – Brush up on the subjects you learned in school, reacquaint yourself with all the facts you once knew, and catch up on major developments in the world today.

7. A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil Macgregor – Take a close look at one hundred man-made objects which signify a crucial turning point in history. 

8. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader – A book overflowing with incredible stories, surprising facts, weird news, little-known origins, forgotten history, fun wordplay, and everything else.

9. Mental Floss Presents a Condensed Knowledge – A mouthwatering mix of intriguing facts, lucid explanations, and mind-blowing theories.

10. The Book of General Ignorance – A comprehensive catalogue of all the misconceptions, mistakes, and misunderstandings in common knowledge.

10 Books to Teach You a Little About a Lot